Netta Jenkins

I was listed in Forbes as one of the top 7 impactful diversity anti-racism educators in the world. I was also selected to speak at the DEITech Conference, October 2020, alongside powerful anti-racism educator, Jane Elliott, who is known for her “Blue eyes/Brown eyes” exercise and for transformative appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show. I founded Holistic Inclusion Consulting LLC; and offer diversity sessions to companies with a focus on anti-racismproduct inclusionand systemic bias globally.

I have years of experience specializing in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging with a background in communications, leadership, and behavioral psychology with research data-driven knowledge.

For 5 years, I created and executed strategy as Vice President, Global Inclusion for IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ: IAC), a publicly-traded company that operates under such brands as Vimeo, Match, Daily Beast, Ask Media Group, and more, I pioneered DEI efforts across several businesses internationally. I also consulted for and shared thought leadership with creative spaces like HBO, Google, Etsy, and numerous others. I’m currently on the advisory board for Betterment, an online investment company. I have won multiple awards for her corporate and startup diversity impact.

I’m the Co-Founder of Dipper, a data technology platform empowering companies to tackle diversity and inclusion. As well as a digital safe-place that guides professionals of color to a better workplace one review at a time, whether good, bad or indifferent.

Forbes said, “Netta Jenkins has a strong understanding of what empowering people in the workplace can do for the growth of the company”. Under my charge, Google said “IAC Apps is a star example of a company pushing towards gender equality as well as overall cultural equality.” IAC was named one of the 2018 Top Companies Worldwide for Millennial Women by Mogul and 2017 Profiles in Diversity Journal Excellence Award Winner.

I’m also an acclaimed author of Self-Advocacy and Confidence for a Fearless Career. My book empowers women to reach new heights in the workplace around the world. I have spoken at the Barclays Center before the Spurs and the Nets played in honor of Becky Hammon (the first female assistant coach in the NBA) on how women are creating change in society. I was a finalist twice for the prestigious “Advocate of the Year” award by Women in Internet Technology.

I am excited about your growth and commitment to learning how to end systemic racism in the workplace. I want to welcome you, and I would encourage you to leave me your feedback so that we can grow together and I can help you in your journey. Please feel free to head to my website and post a short informal hello message in my chatbox to let me know you received my welcome message, and to briefly introduce yourself. All details of the course can be found on the online course site.

In this course, you'll learn all about how you can practice allyship to create a fair inclusive workplace that allows people to thrive and have ZERO tolerance for racism by putting a bold end to the systemic gaps that exist. You will learn how to leverage your privilege and power to drive impactful change.

Claiming you are an ally is extremely limiting and you are setting up yourself for success. However, I recommend practicing Bold Allyship. You will be equipped with the tools to make grand changes within your organization, even as an individual in this world.

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Microaggressions are more than just insensitive comments, or generalized behavior. They're something very specific: the kinds of remarks, questions, or actions that are painful because they have to do with a person's membership in a group that's discriminated against or subject to stereotypes. And a key part of what makes them so disconcerting is that they happen casually, frequently, and often without any harm intended, in everyday life. Learn more today and become an Ally.